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This book should appeal to many readers. Individuals who have sustained acquired brain injuries (from such causes as aneurysm, stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain illness, or tumor) are the primary-intended audience. This book comes from the survivors' perspective but it will be enlightening for others, such as family caregivers, friends, and supporters of individuals with brain injury. Readers who are friends and family of people with brain injuries will learn about a broad range of issues that are significant to individuals with brain injuries and our overall community as well.

Service providers will also benefit from studying this book. Administrators of hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, community reintegration programs, rehabilitation facilities, medical offices and other institutions will find this guide to be instructive regarding particular programming planning.

Professional service providers such as doctors, nurses, researchers, counselors, educators, psychologists, social workers, (physical, occupational, and speech) therapists, and others will find the book informative and thought-provoking. Developing and maintaining optimal services for patients, students, or clients with brain injuries is a vital role of providers. There is ample material of a sophisticated nature to keep professional readers entertained and interested as they read the book.

Political figures and other policy makers at international, national, state, county, and local levels should delve into the policy issues that are presented in the book if they would like to have an understanding of the brain injury survivor community's issues.

Additionally, historians, political scientists, disability advocates, and lawyers, especially constitutional law and disability rights specialists, will also benefit from studying the ideas and principles covered in this book.